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The importance of exchanging knowledge and expertise is crucial for developing groundbreaking research results.This collaboration will not only strengthen Dan Stem but also accelerate research in human pluripotent stem cells for the benefit of patients with severe forms of type 1 diabetes”, says Dean Ulla Wewer.

With the strategic partnership, he will also drive the Institute of Translational Diabetes Research at Helmholtz Zentrum München, the German Research Center for Environmental Health.“The rapid spread of antimicrobial resistance, and its devastating consequences for patients as well as healthy individuals, makes it one of the most important scientific challenges of our time”, Li Deng says.“Our work aims at making helpful contributions to society in this context.” Further Information Background Please find a CV of Li Deng as well as more information about research of her lab in the Institute of Virology on the Helmholtz Zentrum München website.The key element of the new alliance is a platform for translational research associated with the manufacture of cells, in a ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ (GMP)-dedicated facility in Munich.This platform will provide scalable GMP-grade cell production, regulatory expertise, and the testing of stem cell-derived insulin-producing cells, thereby establishing an optimal, complementary arrangement for translational research and accelerating the planning of the first-in-man clinical trial using human pluripotent stem cell-derived insulin-producing beta cells.

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