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For the most part, they marry humans they genuinely like, which brings me to my next point: You should absolutely consider yourself very lucky if you ever have the chance to chill with a girl from Russia.

More likely than not, she's fierce, fearless, and essentially your dream girl (that is, if you're into strong women who challenge the patriarchal system and aren't afraid of wearing a little bit of pleather). You haven't experienced music until you've experienced Russian pop music, which is designed to comfortably lodge itself in the crevices of your brain until the end of time.

In the lily-white fundamentalist church where I was brought up, there were no Asians. She comes from a Buddhist country and celebrates a religion they don’t understand and don’t want to.

As a courtesy to my parents, my wife and I did attend a couple of times, and there was an uncomfortable unspoken tension about the racial mixing, and an overwhelming sense that they needed to immediately show her the “right” path and put aside everything about her own culture and upbringing and embrace their particular brand of Christianity. She asks questions that in our church, we didn’t dare ask.

I’ve gotten the raised eyebrow from men who have never left the Rust Belt when I tell them I used to live in Bangkok, a city they believe to be one big whorehouse filled with Thai women who were born to serve.

Not European dating, not American and not African or Australian dating. Moreover, if you check the search map you will notice that the largest amount of requests goes NOT from Asia itself, but from Europe and America. Indeed, women / girls from Asia are extremely attractive. Moreover, for some reason the aging process after 30 slows down. Eastern culture is very different from the Western one.

So, Europeans and Americans are looking to date Asians. If you compare a 40 years old Korean or Japanese with European or American woman you will notice the difference. Remember, if you date an asian woman it means she definitely speaks at least 2 languages. For example Filipino girls speak both Filipino and English. It starts from their traditions, worldview and religion.

And believe me, there’s nothing subservient about my Thai wife!

We’ve been on the receiving end of intellectual snobbery, by highly educated people who think that graduates of American universities have cornered the market on knowledge, and treat my wife – who has a Masters degree in environmental studies and is a very successful journalist and writer – like a poor uneducated immigrant who needs to be taught even the simplest of concepts.

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