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The Illinois Tollway System later said that approximately a dozen toll machines broke down due to people trying to use the candy to pay tolls. Colford, a former writer for Long Island Newsday, Howard Stern listened to tapes of Steve and Garry sent from Chicago by a friend of the chief engineer at WCCC Hartford.

Colford claims Stern eventually developed his on-air style as a result of these tapes.

He also made on-the-air prank phone calls to the "Islamic Fried Chicken" (a play on Kentucky Fried Chicken), ordering buckets of chicken for the hostages in the US embassy, for which the State Department later reprimanded him.

Dahl also parodied the John Wayne Gacy murders with his song "Another Kid in the Crawl" (to the tune of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall").

Originally, Dahl broadcast with Detroit stations WABX and WWWW and later with Chicago stations WCKG, WDAI, WLUP, WMVP and WLS.

He also served as a columnist for the Chicago Tribune in their Live section as the resident "vice advisor" until November 2010.

Dahl's radio show takes an "every guy" approach to life in Chicago and Dahl often tells bucolic stories about his life and family on the air.

His popularity increased to the point that he achieved a 7.2 market share.

During his time at WABX, Dahl was introduced to Janet, a junior high school English and drama teacher in a Detroit suburb, who was casually dating a friend of his and was also a listener of his show.

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