Communicating during dating

Whenever I hear the phrases:"Im seeing multiple women" "Im just not looking for a relationship right now" what that means to me is we aren't clicking and that it isn't going to go anywhere....whatever reason.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

I do agree with there being too much texting, I think I got into the habit more because I work at a school and I can't talk that often because of disruption to students. Thanks so much for all your advice and to the guy who said I was DOOMED, your post was dead-on.

That really would have been 100% me about 2 years ago, but I sense when I'm getting as you described and I know to hit the kill switch now, but very intuitive post! Matt If someone is interested in you, they will find ways to make sure that they are with you....if not, they just let it go.

Sometimes I think we're too connected now, like too many options, too easy to think the grass is always greener and try another date like another pull on the slot machine handle. If you want to see her again, ask when a good day would be to go on another date.

It's like collecting small amounts of affection from multiple people to make up for the amount you would get by just staying with one person... Does not sound to me like she is really all that into you.

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