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But to give yourself that break, you do need to break up first. At first, it may be lonely and strange, this emptiness that was once filled by your friend and all her needs. But if you just hang in there, mourn, and move on, you’ll look up one day and realize: It’s not emptiness.

I don’t mean just casually drifting away or letting her calls go to voicemail until she gets the hint. Find the words you’d like to say to her, and then write them down (this might be one of those cases where you throw away the super-duper angry letter first, and write the calm and rational one). And if you’re the one to initiate it, then you’ll probably get hit with some anger and blame.

Natalie and I spoke to each other almost every week, sometimes talking every day or even several times a day. " She answered with, "My sister was just diagnosed with breast cancer again." She was in a rush to get off the phone but I hurriedly blurted out the amount of money I'd sold the proposal for. I knew as soon as I heard the connection click off that I'd been insensitive. I was sure I'd been unmasked and revealed to be a fraud, unworthy of the friendship that had been at the center of my life so many years.

What I didn't know was it would be the last time we would communicate for seven years. I'd outgrown my group of childhood friends, and Natalie was smart, well-read and sophisticated, all the things I hoped I projected. What kind of cold and withholding person doesn't accept an apology? Six months later, still bereft, I found myself seated at a brunch next to a friend of a friend who extolled the benefits of a co-dependency support group she was attending.

But I'd just learned I was being offered a great opportunity—a publishing house was going to option my book.

I was elated and wanted to share the news with my closest friend of 30 years.

I don't know if I want to maintain the relationship anymore, because all it does is drain me. Dear Relieved & Concerned, Have you ever been at a dinner party with a bad couple?

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I am her go-to person — the only one she confides in, the one she relies on — and I'm exhausted.

Frankly, I don't even need to hear her side of the story, because the real story isn’t about who did what.

The real story is the part where you’re exhausted by this person and relieved to have some distance from her. With zero professional experience and a complete lack of credentials, I will take on your issues with compassion and humor.

Then call her or email her and give her the message.

A balmy breeze was blowing, the sky was beginning to darken and the lights of the city were twinkling.

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