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The man standing outside her small apartment had thick black hair. Matjeka was helping investigate a sex crime and asked if she would come to the station to answer a few questions. Cassie didn’t understand, so Anna broke the news: They too were being accused of sexually assaulting Elizabeth’s nieces.

He introduced himself as Detective Thomas Matjeka from the San Antonio Police Department, and though he was not in uniform, he said he was with the Homicide Unit. Elizabeth, who had recently turned 20, climbed into his unmarked police car. Elizabeth’s roommate Kristie Mayhugh was at her mother’s apartment in Rosenberg, outside Houston, when the police surrounded the building and ordered her out.

One morning several days later, in September 1994, Elizabeth’s friends Cassandra Rivera and Anna Vasquez met at a park.

Matjeka told Elizabeth that if she had committed a crime, her son—due in about five months—would probably be taken by the authorities. Mayhugh served most of her sentence at the Mountain View Unit in Gatesville.

The relationship could remain secret only so long, and when Elizabeth’s mother found out, their already strained connection suffered further.

“I don’t want to say I was disowned, but I was,” Elizabeth told me.

In high school, she remained small, never more than 4-foot-9, though that didn’t keep her from playing on the basketball team.

On the court, the other girls would call out her nickname, “Little Liz! ” Her father had left, but the rest of Elizabeth’s large family—three brothers, two sisters—was tight and affectionate.

After she turned 16, Elizabeth began to stay out later, experiment with drugs, date boys and fight with her mother, Gloria.At the station, Matjeka asked if she knew a man named Javier Limon and his two daughters. Limon was her sister’s ex-boyfriend, and the two daughters were her 7- and 9-year-old nieces. About a month before, they had spent a week at her apartment. He explained to Elizabeth that her nieces were accusing her and several of her friends—who had also been at the apartment that week—of sexually abusing them. All four were indicted for sexually assaulting Elizabeth’s nieces, and all four maintained their innocence while scrambling to remember if anything out of the ordinary had happened the week the girls stayed at Elizabeth’s apartment. The girls’ father, Javier Limon, who had dated her sister Rosemary before a messy breakup, had been making advances toward her, she said. Elizabeth had told Detective Matjeka about Javier’s advances, but he hadn’t thought much of it. Maybe the lawyer could explain to the authorities that no crime had occurred; it was just a malicious accusation orchestrated by a bitter man. Had she ever left her nieces under the care of her friends? As a lesbian couple in conservative San Antonio, they seldom showed affection in public, but Anna was unusually touchy that morning.Elizabeth and Kristie moved in together as friends.At H-E-B they met Cassie Rivera, who, before coming to terms with her attraction to other women, had a son and a daughter and then split with their father.

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