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(optional) This field allows you to attach a Link Supplier from your Contacts to a Link and filter the Link Dashboard by suppliers, as well as analyzing supplier performance in the Supplier Summary report.Refer to (optional) If you have paid links and want to analyze them in the Link Dashboard or the Activities & Expenses report, you should enter those prices in this field (in order to avoid having to manually enter them in each Link Edit screen later).Instead, please click on the "Linkable version of this personal clock" link you will find on your personal clock, and use that address for your link instead so that it will work for other people as well: Time in some selected cities If you have some live radio show that is about to happen, a website you are about to open, a chat that is about to take place, and you want to inform people about when it will start, you can link to the Fixed Time World Clock, which will show current time around the world when your event begins.You can bulk import new or updated link data in CSV format into Link Manager. If there are more than 500 link records in a CSV import, only the first 500 will be imported.Immediately after adding a link, it displays in the Link Manager report with a status of Processing.Please allow 24 hours for all metrics to be collected when you add new links.Then after importing the first batch of links, you can view the reports for to help determine if there is additional information you want to include before importing more links.When your data is ready click Dead Link status usually means that either the Host was not found or the link does not exist on the host site.

Entering optional data using the spreadsheet will save you time in the future because after you've imported the file, changes must be made manually in each Link Details screen.

Here are the steps: The majority of Link Record fields can be filled in with bulk imports, though only the Status field must be filled in.

Additionally, the Status field also must be a status that currently exists in Raven such as Queued, Requested, Active, Inactive, Declined, Ignore or any custom link statuses.

Compiling the data for thousands of links can be a challenge!

You might consider adding one Profile or small batch at a time.

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