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A matching "Samuel Kamaka, Luthier" label is also used when applicable.

Eventually they had markers on the 5th, 7th, and 10th.Any extra insight you all could provide would be appreciated. 1927-'28 Martin Style 2M, 1950s Martin Style 1M, ca.Also, any ideas as to how much it might be worth would be helpful. 1930 Gibson Uke 3, Kiwaya KTS-7, Mainland Gloss Mahogany Soprano, Mainland Red Cedar Pineapple Soprano, Mainland Maple Soprano Banjo Uke, Flea Soprano, Maccaferri Islander Soprano and Baritone, et al...This combination of decal and label was used until 1969.In 1969, the gold label was replaced by a smaller interior label with a white background and the same trademark red and black lettering.

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