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Your Gemini Man is, therefore, in motion all the time.

That’s right; you’re about to embark on a wild romantic journey with a chameleon. So, if you like excitement, adventure, the unpredictable, and you want a man who is intelligent and engaging, you can’t go wrong with a Gemini Man!

oh no, they want to share what they know with whoever they can!

Ultimately, if you can get over their nervousness, chaotic energies, and apparent indecisiveness, you’ll find these creatures make some fascinating mates, never serving up a dull moment!

The home life of the Gemini may reflect his inconsistent nature and his indecisiveness, that is unless he has a wonderful partner who can take care of all the interior decorating. The Gemini Man wants a comfortable environment, but often he spends more time in his head then he does focusing on the condition of his external surroundings.

Therefore, he might end up unintentionally neglecting his physical surroundings by filling it up with sources of knowledge, be it tons of newspapers, literature, magazines, and books.

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