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(Sorry, we don't accept used band instruments.) If you have a used or vintage instrument that you think Zach might be interested in, bring it in and show it to him.(Call ahead to make sure he'll be in the store when you come.) If he likes your instrument we can work out a trade or buy it outright.The ES-335 style semi-hollowbody is one of the all time great electric guitars, well known for its versatility.Rock out on high gain settings with minimal feedback, get those warm full cleans and smooth jazzy sounds by sculpting the volume and tone knobs. This particular one has been setup by the previous owner for low-action fingerstyle playing.If there are significant flaws we didn't notice and disclose, tell us within 30 days and we'll cheerfully give you your money back. We were very excited when this short scale Danelectro-made Silvertone arrived in the Attic.It immediately got a lot of attention from staff and customers the moment we saw it.

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The slim body is comfortable and lightweight, and the neck has some beef to it but not huge.

Click on one of these instruments or just scroll down for photos and more information.

Want to peek at the extraordinary range of cool and interesting instruments that have passed through Zach's Attic? We're always looking for interesting used and vintage guitars, basses and other fretted instruments that need new homes.

When you buy a used or vintage instrument from The Minor Chord we guarantee it to be as described.

If there are flaws in the instrument that we know about, we'll tell you.

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