Gnostic dating

It has also Opened a new debate on who and what was Jesus.

up untill this time the only thing known about the Gnostics was by the writings of those who had labled the Gnostics as heretics.

I think, much like the modern day view of panthiesm.

He did not seek fame, he did not seek to build a physical church, because to Thomas the church is the universe itself.

The apostles were fighting against the gnostic heresies early on.

He did not seek to create rules or uphold old ones.

His was the unadulterated message, as he saw it, from God through Jesus.

The Thomas Gospels were the catalyst for much understanding. His believe in Jesus and Jesus teachings were not the same beliefs as the other Apostles.

He did not agree with what the others were doing, and they thought he got in the way of what they wanted to accomplish.

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