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Since it is illegal for foreign men to be in bed with a Muslian Malaysian girl you don’t find many Malay prostitutes.Most of the hookers will be Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, and Filipino.The main way to pay for sex there would be to visit one of the erotic spas for men at the nice hotels in town.Your only other quality option is to visit the Beach Club which is a well known prostitute bar.The prices for a sex massage are pretty similar in both cities, the freelance prostitutes at Beach Club are probably going to cost more than most freelancers in Bangkok.You will even find some Thai girls at Beach Club, and one thing the mongering does have in its favor there is the variety. You don't even have to dress up well - a pair of jeans and a t-shirt is enough.Dress well - use discreet items to portray wealth; the watch, good shoes, quality long sleeved shirts.

One city might have the best mongering on the planet, or at least the most diverse set of ways to pay for sex.

That doesn’t mean that no foreign men every hook up with the locals, but even if the law allowed for it you wouldn’t see it that often.

By the time you finish reading this post you will have the full scoop on what taking a trip or relocating to either of these cities would be like for foreign men.

We have covered both of these cities in depth on this site and there will be plenty of links for further reading if you wanted to learn more on a certain subject.

We always like to preface a post like this that there will be a lot of generalizing and your experiences may vary, but if you spent enough time in either city we think you would agree with our assessments.

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