The lighting was low, the music was loud and my stomach was doing the hokey cokey.

My first night in a club, I was promised by my older cousin, would be a night I would never forget.

Venues are around two main areas of the city, just minutes both east and west from the main shopping and tourist districts : The Old Market Gay Village offers a wide range of venues from specialist venues such as the Bear Bar, Cabaret can be found at The Palace, and good quality food & drink at The Old Market Tavern.

Central Gay Village caters more for the clubbers with the popular clubs Queen Shilling & OMG keeping Bent company for those wishing a drink or two ..

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The games enjoyed more commercial success than their Game Boy Advance predecessors: with around 18 million units sold worldwide, Diamond and Pearl have sold over 2 million more units than Ruby and Sapphire and almost 6 million more units than Fire Red and Leaf Green, while outselling their successors, Black and White, by over 2 million consists of three basic screens: a field map, in which the player navigates the main character; a battle screen; and the menu, in which the player configures his or her party, items, or gameplay settings.

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Diamond and Pearl introduced several changes to battle mechanics.

In previous generations, Pokémon moves were classified as "physical" or "special" based on their type; for example, all Fire-type moves were special and all Ground-type moves were physical.

Although other trainers' Pokémon cannot be captured, the player can use different kinds of Poké Balls on a wild Pokémon during battle.

Also, inflicting certain status effects such as sleep or paralysis add a multiplier to the capture rate, making it easier to capture wild Pokémon.

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