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For this purpose, blended fuel is any mixture that would be blended taxable fuel if produced outside the bulk transfer/terminal system. It also means any use of taxable fuel other than as a material in the production of taxable fuel or Other Fuels.However, taxable fuel isn't removed when it evaporates or is otherwise lost or destroyed.

The emulsion additive used to produce the fuel must be registered by a United States manufacturer with the EPA under section 211 of the Clean Air Act as in effect on March 31, 2003.If there is no importer of record, the owner at the time of entry into the United States is the enterer.Taxable fuel is entered into the United States when it's brought into the United States and applicable customs law requires that it be entered for consumption, use, or warehousing. A mixture of butane (or other gasoline blendstock) and gasoline is a mixture of two taxable fuels. For 2018, effective March 1, 2018, the section 4611 tax on crude oil received (domestic petroleum oil spill tax), or petroleum products entered (imported petroleum oil spill tax), is extended.Therefore, it isn’t an alternative fuel mixture and doesn’t qualify for the section 6426 alternative fuel mixture credit. There’s a temporary modified safe harbor for semimonthly deposits of the oil spill liability tax that applies only to deposits of the tax during the third calendar quarter of 2018. For calendar year 2018, the passenger air transportation excise tax adjustment for inflation continues to be .10, for each domestic segment. 2012-30, at Registration for certain activities.

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