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Although some collaboration-related functionality is also integrated into on-premises software, (implicit or explicit) collaboration between users or different customers is only possible with centrally hosted software.

Open Saa S refers to software as a service (Saa S) based on open source code.

The acronym allegedly first appeared in an article called "Strategic Backgrounder: Software As A Service," internally published in February 2001 by the Software & Information Industry Association's (SIIA) e Business Division.

The cloud (or Saa S) model has no physical need for indirect distribution because it is not distributed physically and is deployed almost instantaneously, thereby negating the need for traditional partners and middlemen.

Such services included offering computing power and database storage to banks and other large organizations from their worldwide data centers.

The expansion of the Internet during the 1990s brought about a new class of centralized computing, called Application Service Providers (ASP).

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The customer cannot, however, change the page layout unless such an option was designed for.Consequently, the initial setup cost for Saa S is typically lower than the equivalent enterprise software.Saa S vendors typically price their applications based on some usage parameters, such as the number of users using the application.This is consistent with the traditional rationale for outsourcing IT systems, which involves applying economies of scale to application operation, i.e., an outside service provider may be able to offer better, cheaper, more reliable applications.The vast majority of Saa S solutions are based on a multitenant architecture.

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