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The new study of the lithic assemblage of layer XI, in the context of the other final Mousterian occupations in Arcy (Grotte du Bison, Galerie Schoepflin Rotonde, Grotte de l’Hyène) challenges this hypothesis.

The Mousterian Arcy complex can be divided into three main techno-complexes: Levallois–Charentian, Discoid–Denticulate and Levallois Mouste- rian.

It is generally accepted that the Central European data are difficult to incorporate into the existing theoretical framework.

Despite its location on the Out of Africa route towards Europe, this region is characterized by later settlement and the absence of handaxes before the Early Middle Palaeolithic.

Les résultats de l'étude des premières industries en Europe centrale, nous invitent donc à reconsidérer la5521/# 2016 Elsevier Masson SAS. question du peuplement de l' Europe et à nous interroger sur les critères pris en compte dans la définition des entités culturelles et des systèmes techniques au Paléolithique inférieur. However, the Central European data are difficult to incorporate into this theoretical framework.Evidence of human occupations before 0.5 million years ago is sparse and handaxes are absent during the entire Lower Palaeolithic.Despite being located on the “Out of Africa” route towards Europe, this region has not yielded the expected archaeological evidence.If those assemblages are original compared to the Western Acheulean, some elements can be liked to some other industries in Southern Europe.The results of this study of the first lithic industries from Central Europe allow reconsideration of settlement dynamics in Europe at the end of the Lower Palaeolithic.

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