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Owsley, Scully and Melissa Cargill moved there early in the summer of 1966. Owsley was still working on the basis of a formula for LSDthe formula released by Eli Lilly in the 1950s which left out key details on purification and prevention of decay for commercial rather than security reasons.Point Richmond became a proving ground for filling in some of those blanks.I made one trip to Europe and got aquainted with The Society for Psychical Research, that was back in the days of Sir George Joy and Rosalyn Heywood.Celia Green was just a youngster coming in at that time. The "1954 Secora" seminars were "The Sequoia Seminars" I have now determined that the "1954 Secora" seminars were "The Sequoia Seminars" We have a nexus of SRI - RAND - Tavistock - Music via AMPEX - Myron Stolaroff - Merry Pranksters Kesey - and more ....So in the next half dozen years or so I got somewhat involved in psychical research and somewhat involved in the psychedelic research. Also goes back to 1947 - mescaline experiments University Vancouver - Jolly West Project Chatter which is also project paperclip via Mescaline experiments that were performed at Dachua Some preliminary links: hl=en&q=mescaline experiments University Vancouver 1947 chatter&btn G=Search&aq=f&oq=&aqi= It still exists (no mention of the historical LSD "therapy" sessions in 1954): The Sequoia Retreat Center of Northern California .... Willis Harman, co-founder of the World Business Academy and President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dr.

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Stolaroff had heard Gerald speak several times before and considered him one of the world's outstanding mystics.The Sequoia Retreat Center stands on the shoulders of peace makers, reconciliation makers, stewards of the land and Sequoias.Our roots are in the people who have created extraordinary lives.The crystal lost its yellowish tinge and became almost blue-white under the fluorescent lamp.It was pure enough to be pizioluminescentif the crystals were shaken or crushed, they gave off flashes of light.

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