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Teshia was reportedly telling friends that she and Whitfield dated “for years,” and she had several miscarriages but they were still working on making a baby together. Celebrity blogger Michelle Brown, who was also rumored to be dating Bob Whitfield for years, says she and Whitfield are “just friends” and there is nothing going on between them — “now or ever.” What I’m trying to figure out is, what do all these women see in Bob Whitfield?Whitfield probably won’t discuss his womanizing ways with Iyanla; Sheree and Bob plan to work through their issues with co-parenting their children and how they feel about each other, according to celebrity blogger Sheree was born on January 2, 1970, in the affluent neighborhood of Shaker Heights, Ohio to a single mother. It’s in the Atlanta suburb of Sandy Springs, GA about 20 minutes outside Downtown Atlanta. She bought the 1.05-acre lot that the house is built on in 2011.

Whitfield, who recently moved back to Atlanta from Los Angeles and is reportedly living with his mother, has been juggling women on both coasts, including Sheree and another woman in California named Teshia (pictured left).Ne Ne commented on the relationship during an appearance on during the show's filming in the Bahamas this week."You know what, I think him and Shereé are still going strong," Ne Ne told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. I mean, I think that's what I should be saying, because as soon as I say something about it, it's like, 'You're talking about my boyfriend! I do." Ne Ne and Shereé have thrown barbs back-and-forth all season long surrounding Tyrone, including bringing up each other's past mugshots.It also has a pool table and another roundtable for card games.Further in, you find the sitting room with a large circular gray couch and TV. The ultra-sleek lounge is the place where, Sheree says, “everyone wants to be!

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