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The castle — with expansive views, plenty of history, and the stunning crown jewels of Scotland — is a fascinating and multifaceted sight that deserves several hours of your time.This somber spot within the walls of Edinburgh Castle commemorates the 149,000 Scottish soldiers lost in World War I, the 58,000 who died in World War II, and the nearly 800 (and counting) lost in British battles since.It's all wonderfully displayed, with fine descriptions offering a best-anywhere hike through the history of Scotland.One wing houses a popular natural history collection, with everything from kid-friendly skeletons to Egyptian mummies; the other sweeps you through Scottish history covering Roman and Viking times, Edinburgh's witch-burning craze and clan massacres, the struggle for Scottish independence, the Industrial Revolution, and right up to Scotland in the 21st century.Stay charged up by visiting Telstra’s charging stations.

Serious connoisseurs should stick with the more substantial shops in town, but this place can be worthwhile for beginners — particularly those who won't take a more serious Scotland distillery tour elsewhere. Founded in 1842, this firm prides itself on bottling good whisky straight from casks at the distilleries, without all the compromises that come with profitable mass production.

This two-hour walk is interesting even if you think Sir Walter Scott won an Oscar for playing General Patton.

You'll follow the witty dialogue of two actors as they debate whether the great literature of Scotland was high art or the creative recreation of fun-loving louts fueled by a passion for whisky.

It comes with sidewalk seating and a mixed-age crowd.

This huge museum has amassed more historic artifacts than every other place I've seen in Scotland combined.

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