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Speed dialogue is best used towards the mid-point of a deliberative process like a citizens' jury or assembly.It is a useful and fun technique for participants to extract the information they want from expert witnesses or panellists.Options 1 and 3 are merely opinions and different researchers might have different opinions as to who seems likable or friendly. It is an objective measure and all researchers who look at a given subject ought to be able to agree on how many times that person looks the other in the eye.However, this measure does depend on the other dater.

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If we want to measure an attribute of Person A, we should use something that is under his or her control. It can be objectively measured and it is almost completely in the control of the person we are trying to study.Speed-dialogue events are often about networking or used as a way of bringing different groups of people together.Speed dialogue can also be used simply as an icebreaker for groups of most sizes.It is best used at the mid-point because participants will likely have begun to identify some key issues they want to find out about, but as yet they have not begun to compile their recommendations or decision yet.Speed dialogue may be just one technique of many in a practitioner's toolkit.

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