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I held tight to his shoulders as I came, this time not whispering his name but rather shouting it out at the top of my lungs, as I had longed to do for so long.I leaned against him limply after my orgasm, my muscles turned to jello and a satiated smile on my face.Unfortunately, though, it had been about three years of attempts, and I still wasn't pregnant.I was getting rather frustrated with the whole process because sex just wasn't fun anymore.

Our son was getting older and would be leaving home in a few years, and we wanted another child before then.

Once more, I was in the shower, and once more Nick knocked and said he had to use the bathroom.

Once more, I told him to come in because I was going to be a while, but this time when he was done he didn't leave.

He gave it a couple of quick strokes and it grew a little bit, but then I tucked it away and washed his hands, leaving me in the shower, even hotter than I had been.

I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall, two fingers quickly plunging into my aching pussy as I thought about Nick's cock.

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    I’m a middle aged woman that’s been happily married for a very long time. Instead, she wanted to play with my cock while talking to me about sex.

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