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They also may require you to download some nebulous software to continue.

Still others are scams to entice into buying insurance or some other product.

Attempting to download clips from “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” is an example. It is possible to download You Tube videos as MP4, but some videos may be copyright protected.

Reputable software will prevent you from downloading protected content.

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That commercial may be in MP4, but that’s not much help.Occasionally the file type is displayed at the bottom of the frame along with other tools such as resolution and screen size selections. There may be additional information through a settings pop-up menu.Even that information can be misleading because you’re watching the video through your browser’s video plug-in. The native file format the video is stored and can be downloaded in can be different.Being able to choose HD or resolutions of 720p or 1080p is a good clue that MP4 video is available.Most of the time, the only way to be sure its MP4 is to download and look at the clip info in the library or when playing back.

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