Violin saddle style dating

Andrew Wasson walks you through a series of instructions that include cutting the strings off your guitar, tightening the bolts on your tuners, polishing frets and fret board and more.

He then goes on to show you how to put strings on your guitar, tune the guitar with a tuner, set the bridge saddle, and setting the intonation to decay or attack.

I tighten the bolts snugly so the bridge stays put, then I put on the three iron C-clamps.

I pull the tape and do and remove the bolts and only two of the clamps, using the remaining one to hold the caul in place while I drill clean holes in all six holes.

If the old Gibson adjustable saddle had good intonation, you can set the front edge of the saddle slot by that.

His father was a samurai moonlighter and made shamisens in Nagoya.If you own a guitar- congratulations on what you probably already know - that you own a well-crafted and good sounding instrument.One that is still undervalued in the opinion of many players (in other words - a good buy). .......want to keep the whole principle of an unrecognized humble manufacturer of quality guitars alive for future generations of: players and luthiers!!!! The J, B models and the LG models' bridges were basically the same.The procedure (and rationale) for doing the replacement is pretty much the same, except the wood bridge was lightly glued down, and normally had Gibson's hallmark little machine bolts under pearl dots. Here are a couple of the worst-sounding Gibsons ever madea J-200 and, below, a Dovewith Tune-O-Matic bridges sucking at least half the sound out of the strings.

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