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, this is a stunningly beautiful large complex of delightful structures.

The main place is occupied by the tomb of Imam Reza.

The square, located in the center of Piran, in the slovenian part of Istria, not far from Portorož, is an important gathering place hosting the most important cultural events and is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of this extraordinary city, known and appreciated around the world.

Rich in history is this wonderful square in the old town quarter of the city: this space was once occupied by an internal harbour for fishing boats, however located outside the city walls.

Esfahan has a wealth of highly ornate architectural wonders and is known as the Florence of Iran.

The Royal Mosque stands in the Imima Square and the 15th century Timurid Palace is nearby.

Muslims only can enter into the shrine – this is the law of Iran.

Just for the occasion of 200th anniversary of the birth of this extraordinary artist, it was decided to erect a monument in his honor, the artist Antonio Dal Zotto was commissioned to create the bronze statue that was put on its pedestal in the center of the square in 1894.

With hidden streets, small gardens, wild beach, nice walks, fig trees, blooming capers.stuning views, lake some 15 min away, biking trail on the abandoned rail track, summer events, wonderfull churches and convent etc some more pics: were there two days ago in glorious sunshine though very windy.

The views from the church tower and also the castle/town walls were exceptional - so clear after rain the night before - you could see for miles to the snow capped mountains behind Trieste and beyond.

Iran, formerly known as Persia, is in western Asia and has over 70 million people.

The capital city of Tehran is a surprisingly modern city with many museums, palaces and bazaars.

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