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For those of you who wonder whether you may be his descendants, such a comparison can help to investigate that possibility.A match with Edmund's haplotype will confirm that you are indeed related (though not necessarily a descendant) and will encourage and aid you in further genealogical research to discover your Rice ancestral line.

The first of these groups to be identified was Group 4.

A large number of results are in separate listings (Group 2 and Group 99) because they have no matches or only matches of close relatives such as brothers.

From time to time some are matched and thus become a group.

This project seeks to discover the ancestry of the Rices, including those with name variants such as Royce and Reese, using patrilineal DNA testing as a supplement to conventional genealogy.

The project is open to all males with the surname Rice or any variant and to males whose surname would have been one of these except for an adoption or other name change.

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