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The last attempt at a commercial rival was The Times which published debates in the 1880s.In 1878 a subsidy was granted to the Hansard press and at that point reporters were employed.There then began several attempts to publish reports of debates.Among the early successes, the Parliamentary Register published by John Almon and John Debrett began in 1775 and ran until 1813.There’s nothing to regret, and you can be sure that when you’re gonna come out of the venue, you’re gonna be filled with beautiful songs, and a strange wish that you were somehow in Ireland. Hansard is the traditional name of the transcripts of Parliamentary Debates in Britain and many Commonwealth countries.

Several editors used the device of veiling parliamentary debates as debates of fictitious societies or bodies.For this reason, early editions of Hansard are not to be absolutely relied upon as a guide to everything discussed in Parliament.Hansard outlasted competitors including Almon and Debrett, and the later Mirror of Parliament published by J. Barrow from 1828 to 1843; Barrow's work was more comprehensive but he checked each speech with the Member and allowed them to "correct" anything they wished they had not said.The names under which parliamentary debates were published include Proceedings of the Lower Room of the Robin Hood Society and Debates of the Senate of Magna Lilliputia.The Senate of Magna Lilliputia was printed in Edward Cave's The Gentleman's Magazine, which was first published in 1732.

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