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The two married last weekend, on Memorial Day, at the Blue Heron restaurant in Sunderland, Mass., in what was described as a jazzy wedding.Not that it was a direct route to say “I do.” RELATED: Jane Lynch Will Not Be a Bridezilla After San Francisco, says , Lynch, now 49, headed back to Los Angeles and Embry, 41, returned to Sarasota, Fla., where she practices at the Carter Psychology Center and raises her daughter, Haden, 8.

“It’s not like she’s marrying out of her species or anything,” says Lynch., in which she affirmed that despite playing a gay lady on a teevee show, she was in fact a heterosexual.I remember thinking, “oh come on, how could you be on that show and make out with so many girls and not become at least a little bit gay!?Embry was also seeking visitation rights with her 10-year-old adoptive daughter, Chase.Over the course of their long-distance relationship, however, the two discovered “we are both fascinated by emotional experience and are essentially hopeful people, but that temperamentally we express it differently,” says Embry.

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